About Us


Lowerfriction Lubricants (division of M K Impex Corp) was set up in 2004 to focus on extreme lubricity products/solutions. Improvement in lubricity and reduction in friction directly results in saving energy. Saving energy (even in small installments) helps our energy reserves and reduces pollution. It also improves efficiency and saves money.

Our focus on improving lubricity has been boosted with new advancements in nanotechnology and particle research. We believe Nanotechnology will drive major future improvements in lubricity/friction reduction. Our company is located in Mississauga (in Toronto area) in Canada, and we have exported and continue to export our lubricity enhancing products to more then 50 countries.

We also offer full consultancy services for reducing friction and improve wet/dry lubricity for your application/project. Contact us at consult@lowerfriction.com