High Temperature EP Grease with WS2

Range: -20o C (-4o F) to 800o C (1472o F)

Made with High Viscosity Synthetic Base Oil (PAO: Polyalfa Olefin), Tungsten Disulfide particles and Special additives. The Grease has Dropping Point higher then 320oC in the Temperature range -20o C to 800o C.

It has excellent service life, superior stability and excellent load bearing properties.

 The Grease has: 

  • Lowest Coefficient of Friction compared to other High Temperature Grease
  • Excellent Extreme Pressure (EP) properties due to Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) particles. Load bearing property of Tungsten Disulfide is @ 300,000 psi.
  • High resistance to water, rust and humid environment.
  • Excellent mechanical stability under high shear.
  • EP properties and strong resistance to abrasion means the grease is ideal for high load and impact load applications.
  • Ideal properties for Bearing Grease application.
  • High dropping point which means it does not solidify at higher temperatures


MSDS and Brochure can be downloaded from link above