PTFE Micronized Powder

MK-PTFE-270 is dry lubricant, free flowing, PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) micronized powder. Powder is white in color and has high brightness and can be used as an additive in a wide range of lubricants and release coatings.

MK-PTFE-270 offers following benefits:
- Improves non-stick and antifriction properties
- Increases scratch resistance
- Facilitates anti-blocking
- Improves wear and abrasion resistance
- Good Surface finish
- Improves UV resistance
- Chemically inert to most industrial chemicals and solvents
- Improves high electrical conductivity for EMI Shielding applications
- Improves anti corrosion properties
- Improves tribological behavior especially in carbon dioxide environment

Properties of MK-PTFE-270
Color: White
Physical Form: Free flowing powder
Bulk Density (g/L): 300
Specific Gravity (g/cm3): 2.16
SSA (m2/g): 3
Particle Size D50: < 3 micron
Melting Point: 325 C
Moisture Content (wt%): <0.1

MK-PTFE-270 is available in 500 gram, 1 Kg and 25 Kg packs