PTFE Micronized Powder

Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene (PTFE) micronized powder is a dry lubricant. The powder is free-flowing, white in colour and has high brightness. It is used as an additive in many lubricants and release coatings. It is available in packages of 500 gms, 1 kg and 25 kgs.

Properties of PTFE micronized powder

  • PTFE is an ideal additive for high-performance polymers that perform under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure and in harsh environments.
  • It can improve the non-stick and antifriction properties.
  • It increases scratch resistance.
  • It facilitates anti-blocking.
  • It helps to enhance the wear and abrasion resistance.
  • It gives a good surface finish so it can be used to improve the surface finish.
  • It helps to improve UV resistance.
  • To most industrial chemicals and solvents it is chemically inert.
  • It helps to improve high electrical conductivity for EMI shielding applications.
  • It improves anti-corrosion properties.
  • It improves tribological behviour when in a carbon dioxide environment.

Applications of PTFE (Teflon) micronized powder

  • The micronized powder is used in flexographic, gravure and offsets inks, digital and electronic inks.
  • It is used to make thermoplastic fibers, wires and cables, polymeric computer chips, electronic /electrical coatings and components and computer keyboards.
  • It is used in industrial top coats, brake pads for automobiles, plastic and thermoplastic gear components and car wax.
  • It is used in graphic art, paints, waxes and polishes, anti-graffiti application, cleaners, lubricants, greases, oils, adhesives and wood protection.
  • Because of its properties, it is used in cosmetics like personal care, hair care and sunscreens.
  • It is used in agricultural chemicals and pesticides, elastomers, textile fibers, batteries, explosives and pyrogens.
  • It is used for protecting stone marble and concrete and is a stone enhancer.

Uses of PTFE lubricant

The PTFE-based compositions are commonly known by the brand name Teflon. The Teflon lubricant is used in non-stick cookware as it is heat-resistant and Teflon sprays are used to coat professional bakeware.

The PTFE lubricant is used in various aerosol lubricant sprays in micronized form. It is known for its extremely low coefficient of friction, and its hydrophobia serves to inhibit rust. It forms a dry film after it is applied, which resists collecting particles that may form an abrasive paste.

It is used in musical instruments and lubrication products like valve oil. Some of the sole plates of the home cloth irons are also coated with PTFE.

Note - Teflon is brand owned by Dupont

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