Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) Aerosol Spray

To apply a thin film of Tungsten Disulfide (WS 2 ) on surfaces and places which are hard to reach, Tungsten Disulfide Aerosol spray can be used. It is available in 13 oz/370 gms cans.

The main properties are as follows:
• As it bonds easily with the substrates, it can be used to form a coating film.
• Tungsten Disulfide is chemically inert.
• It is used in high-temperature lubrication.
• It has very high load-bearing properties.
• It contains no fluorocarbons or leads.
• It's not harmful to the ozone.

Applications of Tungsten Disulfide Aerosol spray

The following are the application of the spray:
• It is used in automotive parts like car engines, piston cylinders and pistons. It is also used in machinery components, precision gears, sliding and rotating components and bearings. It is used in carbon brush solid lubricant.
• It is used in CAMs and CAM followers, robotics and sports goods.
• It is used in power transmission components, aerospace and defense components, bullets, marine parts and ammunition parts.
• It is used in plastic molds, extrusion dies for release, valve components, actuators, rollers, spindles, shafts and seals.
• It is used in cutting tools, knives, blades, slitters, punches and dies.

Uses of Tungsten Disulfide spray

The spray is stable and non-reactive under normal conditions and it can be easily used, stored and transported. Hazardous polymerization of it does not occur. Tungsten Disulfide spray should be stored in a well-ventilated place and protected from sunlight.

The spray is not classified as environmentally hazardous. Though you should avoid temperatures exceeding the flash point and contact with any incompatible materials like acids, strong oxidizing agents, nitrates, fluorine and chlorine.

Aerosol spray cans are classified as Dangerous Goods (Packing as per UN1950) for shipping by Air. Therefore, dangerous goods fees are applicable for Air/Express shipments (in addition to shipping charges). For Ground shipments to Canada & US, only shipping charges will be applicable.

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